Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Gelora Sriwijaya, Jakabaring, Palembang

This new stadium was built for the Indonesian Games a few years back and is one of the better ones in the country. It has been used for Asian Cup games when Bahrain one of the group games was played here back in 2007.
Two sides are covered ish. Meaning the roof is high and slender protecting the people at the back but that's about it. The rest get wet!
Capacity is perhaps 30-35,000.
The stadium is used by ISL side Sriwijaya who won the Cup/League double in 2007 and they often draw crowds in excess of 20,000.
Getting there is a piece of piss. There are only about six roads in the city of Palembang and all of them eventually lead to the Ampera Bridge. Cross that bridge and keep heading south, you won't miss it on your left.
There is only one exit/entrance to the car park round the stadium so getting in/out takes an age especially as there is no regulated traffic flow and people just park where they want!
A contender for World Cup 2022 if Indonesia wins the bid...


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