Monday, February 9, 2009


Benteng Stadium, Tangerang

These images come from the recent Indonesian Premier League game between Persikota and PSSB. These place don't have club shops, rather some geezer with a few coat hangers and a bag for loose change.
The main entrance where tickets are sold. This game cost 40,000 rupiah for the main stand called VIP

Empty banks of terracing behind one goal. Away fans, should they come, would be immediately to the right of the main stand just out of shot. There weren't any at this game!
The main terrace that runs round the pitch is half terrace, half grassy bank. It's coloured purple because the principle tenants, Persita, wear that horrendous colour, They share the stadium with Persikota.
Actually for the time being Persita play in Bandung while Benteng Stadium gets fitted with some floodlights.

The home end with a prominent blue mosque behind the goal.
Tangerang is an industrial overspill to Jakarta, separarted politically but connect by transport and residents many of whom live there and work in Jakarta. The best way to get to the stadium is by taxi...Blue Bird or Silver Birds are the best and usually the most reliable.
Match comments can be found here while action shots can be found here


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